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At Managed AIS we have found that it is never enough to simply sell software to a client and then offer no additional services. The success of the client in implementing the software depends heavily on making sure that the specialist information required to make the software run is available at the time of going live.

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Our Services are tailored to help you transition from AIS to AIM

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Go Digital and upgrade your AIP for AIM

Conversion from an existing AIP to an eAIP can be a very difficult process due to the initial high level of expert knowledge required to create and structure the documents according to the EUROCONTROL DTD standard. 
Our services team here at M-AIS has the expertise to enable a quick and smooth transition to a set of structured eAIP documents suitable for immediate upload to the client system.


Custom Document Conversion

In addition to AIP and eAIP documents there are many other types of document that can be maintained and created using the APS system. We have experience in the following which can be converted for use with APS in either structured or unstructured modes:


Code your Data for the Future

Code It: Your Data is your most important Asset. Ensure that it is working for you as efficiently as possible by coding it correctly for all production use cases.

Convert It: Most clients who are upgrading to an enterprise level AIXM database solution will already have data sources and older databases from which information could be imported or inserted into the new system.
Cover it: M-AIS can provide experienced staff to take electronic and definitive paper sources and build up the client’s data in the AIS Data Manager so that a set of data is available for use with the system upon its installation.

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