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Webinar Questions

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

We got asked some great Questions at our recent webinar here are some of the responses:

Check out more Q & A in the Forum:

Q1: Is there any situation that can make information to be duplicated both in NOTAM and then AIC?

A: Not really. Although it can be seen around the world that many times AIC are used to show operational information this is the incorrect usage. If information is suitable for NOTAM and meets criteria for extended publication the correct target would be a Supplement and most likely an AIRAC Supplement. It is conceivable that an AIC could be raised to correctly notify the intended future dissemination of information as an AIP amendment that was previously only displayed as a NOTAM, especially if it had been disseminated as a PERM NOTAM for en extended period or as a (widely discredited "Text NOTAM").

Q2: Please share information how to input obstacle data complying doc 10066 and 10039?

A: The common factor here, in practice would be to input the Obstacle as AIXM (Featuretypes affected VerticalStructure, VerticalStructurePart(s)). AIXM is available as interoperable (Standardised data model for PANS-AIM and SWIM Purposes). In effect you would model the obstacle(s) in AIXM, output them in a standard dataset and publish the data to the States SWIM Domain. Data held in the domain is available to external users via the SWIM SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) for use by aviation users. Including Datahouses, AIrlines and other interested parties.

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