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QGIS IAC Session 3 - Rescued and Recorded

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Dear Colleagues,

My sincere apologies for the cancellation of yesterday's Webinar on IAC with QGIS. Unfortunately, I had to take my son to the hospital at short notice as he had injured his head, and with about 40 minutes to go until the session started it could not on as planned.

His injury was not as serious as first thought and in the evening Antonio and I were able to record the session in two parts which are now available on the MAIS Learning Channel at the links below.

  - QGIS_Stream1_Sess3_Part_1  

  - QGIS_Stream1_Sess3_Part_2  

All Videos for the stream are now available from here:

Antonio and I hope that you enjoy the sessions, we will host a Q and A round-up next week so if you have any questions to ask please post them on the forum at the link below:

Andrew Barrett for MAIS Learning

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