This course delivers specialist knowledge on aeronautical charting. It prepares students to work at a high level within any modern GIS environment. This course focuses mainly on ”hands-on‘ sessions where students spend the majority of their time doing exercises on a GIS workstation.

Estimated 24-30 hours to complete the course material, when taught in person this is a full-time 3 day workshop part of the Chart 102 Advanced Aeronautical Charting course. Allow for extra time to study/consolidate course content.

CHART-102 - M01-Introduction to GIS for Aviation

SKU: CHART-102_M01_2021
  • Throughout this course, you will gain competency in the following learning objectives:


    • Explain what a GIS is and how you can use it to produce aeronautical chart content

    • What comprises a useful GIS for charting and visualisation

    • Using GIS to produce and maintain aeronautical charts

    • Learn to comfortably navigate the open source GIS software QGIS.

    • Use aeronautical data to visualize and produce a simple aeronautical map

    • Demonstrate the acquired skills by submitting the course project that will prepare you for creating other, more complex aeronautical chart products